1110AD – 1485AD


Most of Haverfordwest Castle, as it is seen today, dated from the time of Queen Eleanor, wife of Edward I, or Edward Longshanks.


1485AD – 1603AD


Sir John Perrot [c.1530-1592] a great Tudor magnate, Lord Deputy of Ireland and owner of Carew and Laugharne Castles. He was born at Haroldston and was Mayor of Haverfordwest three times.


1603AD – 1714AD


A substantial portion of the castle still survives today, although the civil wars in the 1640s took a toll. Copies of Oliver Cromwell’s letters ordering the destruction of the castle in 1648 are on display.


1714AD – 1837AD


In 1779 a prison for the county of Pembrokeshire was built within the remains of the castle. A number of artefacts, including a cell door, leg irons and the original lock from the castle gate are on display.


1837AD – 1901AD


Admiral John Lort Stokes who travelled on HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin in the early 1830s. He later did much valuable exploration work off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand.


1901AD – 1911AD


Inscribed silver watch presented to P.C. Richards for his ‘clever capture’ of two burglars by a grateful property owner in 1910.


1911AD  onwards


Elaborate plaque, which marked the Police Headquarters in the Castle until its removal in 1962.